About Us

India FTTH is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of connecting every Indian with fiber, recognizing that fiber optic technology is the key to closing the digital divide. Our mission extends beyond providing internet access; it aims to unleash economic development, elevate the quality of life, eradicate poverty and illiteracy, foster sustainability, and drive innovations yet to be envisioned. We firmly believe that fiber is the catalyst ensuring that no one is left behind.

Undertaking the establishment of a nationwide fiber network is a monumental infrastructure project, akin to the transformative initiatives in India's history, such as rural electrification and the creation of superhighways. The Bharatnet initiative, as announced by the Government, is poised to deliver fiber connections to every gram panchayat in India, potentially offering speeds of up to 1Gbps in rural areas. This represents a significant inflection point in modern India, comparable to past milestones that reshaped our way of life.

Connecting every home and business across the nation with fiber broadband is not merely a technological upgrade; it is a seismic change that can redefine how we live, work, and interact. This visionary approach aligns with the ethos of progress, bringing about positive impacts on education, job opportunities, and overall societal well-being.

We recognize that building such a network requires collaboration on an unprecedented scale. Our commitment extends to working closely with the government, private sector, and local communities. As India embarks on this journey towards a more digitally inclusive future, IndiaFTTH is at the forefront, ensuring that the benefits of high-speed connectivity reach every corner of the nation. Join us and become a member today.

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